Inflatable Kayak Advice

Looking for some good places to take my new Super Lynx inflatable kayak. Been looking into going to New Mexico and/or Colorado.

It says that it can do up to Level III rapids and was wondering if anyone has any experience running with this vessel? I am wondering if it could do anything just a bit more? Thanks!

have you checked the reviews?
There are several user reviews on the site:

It’s not just about the boat
The more important factor is the paddler, what skill level and experience do you have?

one stick hit and that thing is going to sink

that is not true
Aire designs their boats for whitewater and rough conditions. Punctures from a stick are very rare for inflatables of this type, which have rugged materials which tend to bounce off hazards. This boat he has isn’t a $99 big box pool toy, it is intended for rapids and rough water conditions up to class III or IV. I have used hybrid skin on frame/inflatable kayaks for 14 years on all sorts of waters and have never had a skin puncture. After all, white water rafts are all inflatables, and Aire (which makes professional model ww rafts) uses the same materials, technologies and valves for their upper tier inflatable kayak models. like the Lynx.