Inflatable kayak / canoe?

So, my question is:

Is there a quality, durable, inflatable kayak / canoe for two people, that can handle some white water that is $500 or less?

We would be using it in the Rio Grande in Texas, in the Big Bend area.

After a quick online search, it looks like the rapids in the area are class 2 to class 3.

I’m planning on starting out in calmer areas, just floating…but, I’d like the option to use it in rougher water as my experience increases.


Not likely
For $500 I doubt you’ll find an inflatable that meets your criteria–unless you happen on to a good deal on something used.

What would I be looking at, realistically?

What brands/suppliers would be good to start checking out?

a few options!/Vagabond-Canoe/p/437587/category=179367


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a Saturn Pro 14' if you want a great paddling experience from a inflatable. It has a raised drop stich, high pressure floor that rides above the water a few inches so the kayak rides on the tubes. With 2 skegs (for and aft), it paddles straight, build quality is excellent, fitted with high quality Halkey valves (not Boston stuff), and they run $600. Had mine on some Class II and just last week made a run down a Class III..damn fine inflatable with build quality equal of better IMO than Aire Tributary or NRS Outlaw series. Sweet kayak at a great price. They also have a number of shorter ww kayaks. They come with a very good pump, patch kit that's waterproof, and a heavy duty zippered bag.