Inflatable kayak fishing!

Ok folks,

I’m looking for other inflatable kayak fishers out there for rigging ideas.

I have the AE convertible and have fished out of it several times. It’s great to be able to deflate the 'yak and through it in the car.

My mods so far:

  1. typical fishing crate behind the seat with rod/net holders.
  2. PVC cart to carry the whole set up from the car/camp site to the water’s edge. The cart breaks down and load in the kayak. The cart is also a “transformer” in that parts of it re-combine and get strapped on in front of me with extra rod holders.

    Future mods are fish finder, anchor trolley.

    In case you’re wondering, the hooks/lures don’t grab the bottom of the boat. The convertible I have is stable and fun to fish from.

    One thing I do need to figure out is how to attach extra d-rings to the hull material…



Contact NRS

They’ve got D-ring patches and glue for most any inflatable application. I’d recommend calling them to discuss your boat if you’re unsure of it’s construction materials.

As far as other stuff - can’t help or comment. I’ve only ever paddled a ducky once.

  • Big D

Love my AE StraitEdge2 for
fishing. It’s the 13’ tandem and has two rod holders on the float bags, front/rear. I have taken it on the ocean, rivers, lakes, and works well. Very stable and easy to paddle. My daughter paddles the AE AdvanceFrame (solo 10.5’) and loves it. Great product, excellent company.

I glued extra D rings on to
my Sea Eagle 380 (because it’s a barge for anything else but fishing). If the material of your boat is similar, they should hold up real well after the glue dries. --Just be sure to mark where you want to put the rings on your boat while it’s inflated, AND THEN GLUE THE RINGS ON AFTER THE BOAT’S DEFLATED. --Sorry for the caps, but can’t emphasize that enough if you want to be completely satisfied with the rings holding up over time. This has enabled me to tie on a lot of extra stuff, especially if on a float trip or camping. Cheers!