Inflatable Kayak for Lunch hour paddling

A few months ago a friend picked up a few of the One person Coleman inflatable SOT’s at Wal-Mart for $35. I snatched one up and started using it on the Great Miami here in Dayton on my lunch hour. I have a lot of back problems and believe it or not after paddling this little toy for about 15-20 minutes a day I have very little back pain now.

I think it’s time I upgraded a bit. I borrowed an Old Town Otter from a friend, but lifting it on and off the car isn’t helping my back. I’m considering either an Advanced Elements Dragonfly 1, Stearns SpreeOne or Airhead TK1. I’ve read the reviews here and just can’t decide between the two.

Mainly I’m concerned about staying dry since I have limited time and need to go back to work and not have a wet butt :wink: Will only be in calm flat water. Right now on windy days the waves do come over the bow of my SOT and get my feet wet. Also need convenience like just pulling in in and out of the trunk of my small car. Of course light weight is necessary.

Yeah, I’m trying to do this cheap since I’m not sure I’ll stick with it. Don’t want to go over $250.



Paddling is a Get-Wet sport

Doesn’t have to be
What few times I got out this year, I didn’t really get wet, A little on the hand, a few drops on the legs (No spray skirt usually) and I’m in a SINK sea kayak.

I see the benefit of the blow up unit. Can’t recommend one since I haven’t demo’d alot.

Thought. If you got a cheapy that works well for your back, and on the water, is there a chance you can leave it at work/a location instead of hauling it every day?? How about a wheeled hauler if your work is close enough to the water.

Also - - If I left one at work, I’d get a used boat on the low cost end. If something happens to it, it’s a little easier to deal with the lose.

Any experience with the TK-1?
I think I’m leaning more toward the Airhead TK-1. It looks like the more practicle of the three, and the easiest to get in and out of. Does anyone have any experince with this one? I’ve only found a couple of reviews.


I like both A.E. and Stearns for low
cost paddling. Would probably give the nod to A.E. because they are well engineered.

And instead of looking for the driest boat, I would find some water-proof pants. Dry suit bottoms. Or rain pants for a cheap alternative.

I got the AE Dragonfly yesterday…
It finally arrived. I tried it out on a small creek near my house. Of course it doesn’t track like a real one, but it’s better than the Coleman inflatable SOT I had. I was worried about fitting in the Dragonfly since I’m 6ft, but it was just right.

Thanks for all your suggestions.