Inflatable kayak good for a dog

Hi, I have some experience on flat waters and a little bit on white water mostly in hard shell kayaks, and one time in inflatable one. Now, due to logistics reasons I need an inflatable kayak for myself and my 70lb dog (or 2 people), which will withstand dog clows :slight_smile: It will be mostly used on flat waters, but since I live in Switzerland it may happen that while moving between the lakes or approaching the shore I could scratch it on the rocks.

So I am looking for optimal solution. Ideally available in Europe, but I understand that there are different brands and manufacturers to US market. If you can’t recommend any European solution, maybe you could at least advice on technologies I should consider?

Budget? Well, a few hundreds USD… say, 1k with paddles and safety vests for 2 people and 1 dog. I can be somewhat flexible.

Thanks for your tips!

The two companies I can think of in Europe are Grabner of Auastria for inflatables (but those are far above your budget – cheapest tandem is over 1800 Euros) and Pakboat, now owned by ScanSport. Pakboats are folding kayaks with frames and a stretched skin with inflatable sponsons on the side. The Pakboats would be a bit cheaper than the Grabners and they make a couple of models that are convertible for solo or tandem use, like their Puffin Saranac. Still a bit more than you are planning to spend. Honestly, to carry two people and a dog you really need to budget a little more if you want something well made and durable that is easy to paddle. Having that much weight in a cheap inflatable will cause the hull to sag so it doesn’t track well and will be slow. $1500 USD would be more reasonable to plan on spending.

A closed cell foam pad (like a yoga mat) cut to size laid inside a fabric or inflatable boat hull would help protect against dog claw damage, though dogs’ claws are really not all that sharp.

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