Inflatable kayak in alligator waters

I have many years of experience with canoes, but I just recently bought an AE Convertible inflatable kayak, because that is the only way that I can carry a boat with my truck camper. I am planing a trip to South Carolina, Georgia and finally Florida Everglades. I would like to do some of the established water trails in these areas and I was wondering if I should have any concerns about taking an inflatable into alligator waters. Thanks for any experienced comments.

There are many posts about alligators on this site.

No one has yet posted an attack on a watercraft.


We frequently paddle in alligator infested waters. While we do not have inflatables, I have seen plenty of them out there. My husband has had the bottom of his boat hit twice by gators, one was a warning when we unwittingly got too close to a nest, and the other was a case of not realizing that the other was there. Gator came up under his boat hit it scared the crap out of both of them.

take your repair kit plus

If you are doing the Everglades the oyster shells may multiply incise your inflatable.

You will probably have more danger from the sharp and numerous oyster reefs of the shallow everglades waters destroying your boat than an allligator. Plus, in the coastal gulf waters of the Everglades there aren’t that many gators to worry about. But there are sharks :frowning:

dark water
much of the water will be real shallow. And in the everglades dark water. So you will not be able to see what is below the surface. Sunken tree branches logs ect. Did I say shallow water. Let me repeat that. Shallow water. It is not uncommon to run aground in a kayak several times a day. An infaltable will not fare nearly as well as a ridgid hull boat. That said it is possible. I have done it. Alligators and sharks will be the least of your worries. Remember also that lightly loaded inflatabels are highly effected by the wind.