Inflatable kayak on Etowah River (GA)

Looking for anyone who has paddled it recently. There are great maps that mark shoals and rapids, but wondering if my inflatable would have any problems.

Only if you hit submerged tree branches.

I don;t k ow the river, so can;t comment on that end.

But a big question anyone should have in answering this is what type of inflatable you are planning to use. If you have an IK, also often called a Ducky, they are made for some serious white water paddling. But if you have a inflatable kayak you bought from Walmart, you might not want to take that too far from a local pond.

Thanks. It’s not a ducky. It’s not a cheap inflatable either-middle of the road quality.

Why not clarify your question by actually saying what brand and model boat you have? Pretty hard to give you useful feedback without knowing that…