Inflatable Kayak pump

Picked up a used Marivia tandem IK this weekend but no inflation pump with it. Got it filled sufficiently with the shop vac but am going to have to pick up something for quick top offs once it hits the cold water.Probably a 12 volt for portable inflation and a hand pump also to take along on day trips. Any recommendations?



Check Wally World
I was over there today and seems to me they had a 12V pump in the camping section for $20.00 (+/-). Intended for heavy duty camping mattresses but it might work for what you need.



low $ kind
I got a hand pump at Dick’s for $15. Use it for the tow tube. Fast. High volume, works on the up and the down plunge. You’ll be there forever, waiting for one of those cigarrette lighter types to fill anything.

Bravo 2
foot bellows for travel ( Packs small, reasonably high volume. Quality is excelent for the price. Make sure you check the max PSI on pumps (especially electric) vs. your IKs operating pressure. A lot of the cheap electric pumps can’t even get to 1 PSI. I don’t know for sure, but I imagine the Maravia is at least 3 PSI. The right pressure makes a big difference in performance.