Inflatable Kayak recommendations

I am a total newbie to the kayaking world. I live in a condo and am on a budget, so I believe inflatable kayaks are the way forward for me.

I only want it for recreational use for now.

I have been looking at the Innova Safari kayak, which has a lot of good reviews for around $800 (Canadian) brand new.

I have just seen a kayak by Sevylor called the Pointer K1. I can get this for just $300 brand new, but I can not find any reviews. Is anyone familiar with this kayak and can give their views?

Hope anyone can help a novice get started!

Many thanks,


Vancouver, BC, Canada

I have not seen the Sevylor, but I have 2 Innova Sunnys and can speak for there durability and performance - it is quite good on both accounts. I think the Safari would be similar.

I noticed that there is a gently used Safari on Ebay right now for 399 US. I bought one of my boats used from a guy in Canada - you will most likely get a bill for customs charges (mine was about 30 US), but it would still be a pretty good deal.