Inflatable kayak

Can anyone recommend a good inflatable kayak,that is reasonably priced? Also, does anyone have any experience with these? Thanks.

Tell us…
What is a reasonable price?

What is the intended use? - rivers, flatwater, fishing, camping, etc.

What are you expectations for performance? (are you comparing to a QCC or an OT Otter).

With a little info, we can help narrow the field.

Inflatable kayak
I’m looking for just a small kayak around $300, nothing fancy, for small lakes, flat water that tracks well.

AE airframe
is well regarded, if speed is not a big consideration. I believe it can be had for 300-400. Stearns makes several models that are very similar.

Wherever you get the boat, check out their return policy. Ideally, you can use the first trip or two as a “test paddle” and take the IK back if it isn’t what you expected.

AdvancedFrame Expedition
You get a fully outfitted 13-foot touring kayak for 700 bucks. whats not to love??


Inflatable kayak
thanks. i had looked at an AE thinking that is maybe what I was looking for, just wanted to see if anyone had any other ideas. the return policy idea, I had never thought of. Good tip!