inflatable kayak

What are your opinions of inflatable kayaks?

I like the idea of them due to ease of transporting.

on inflatables
We’ve been having a bit of a discussion over on the Inflatable Kayaks message board.

Mostly me getting good advise and input on the Sevylor pointer that I thought I wanted to buy.

Just do a search for “inflatables” and you’ll find it.

My first boat was an inflatable. I
paddled it three times. Just long enough to know I liked kayaking, and hated that inflatable.

What kind?
What kind of inflatable did you get?

I’m a bit biased…I love my Stearns :slight_smile: And I plan to keep and use it long after graduating to a real kayak.

Get one.
They are good boats for many things. But not going fast.