Inflatable kayak ?

We want to get a good inflatable kayak for class II-III river like the Hiwassee. Any suggestions for us?

$500 or under
Price would be $500 or under. Thanks

My first choice would be Aire brand
inflatables…you can find the single for right at your $500. mark, also you may get lucky on Craigslist or eBay. AdvancedElements has the StraitEdge in single or tandem in your price range too.

Go here first

Lots to learn from them. They don’t sell much for $500, but read their info anyway.


Innova Safari
Probably over your budget, but I’ve seen a few Innova Safaris going for under $500 used on craigslist. I’ve not paddled them, but from what I understand they’re a very capable whitewater boat.

Finally , someone who wants to use
an inflatable for something it can do.

Nothing on the powerhouse to
Reliance run is considered class 3, but in the summer it is an excellent run for inflatable kayaks. Just avoid anything that might puncture easily, as the width of the river makes dealing with a collapsed mass pretty difficult.

“WE” ???
Looking for a single or double?

I have a Sevylor XK1 I used to use for whitewater, but I haven’t done that is years.

I would also look at the Aire Tomcat if looking for a single

A good inflatable with a heavy outer skin is a lot more durable than most people think.