inflatable kayaks.

hi all.

ok i got some kaysk and canoes here but now i am looking for an inflatable kayaks.

something to do some rapids.

some fishing.

anaugh place in it for my stuff.

something tuff that can take a beating and some branches.

not to expensive.

will do solo only in it.

any off you have some good advise on models etc.



what about sea eagle?
depends on what you are looking for. Sea eagle looks very good. what is expensive to you?

Aire Tomcat is very tough, good value
Much tougher than a Sea Eagle and would probably last many years longer. Great carrying capacity, VERY stable, maneuverable enough for Class III rapids, great construction.

Everything else that is cheaper I would personally worry about toughness and durability of valves(Sevylor)/seams/zippers/material … With my Tomcat, I’m confident it can survive just about anything and I never worry about the slight chance mid-trip repairs or ? possible with cheaper ones.

Good info here:

Kwik Tek TK-1
I have a Kwik Tek TK-1.

I love it. It seems REALLY durable. Just by looking at it I imagine it can take a beating. I dragged it over some jagged rocks the first time I had it out and it didn’t even phase it.

Can be had for under $175 if you look hard enough…walcoughmartcoughdotcoughcom.

Before knocking a boat on P-Net, you should try to form an opinion that does not exclusively come from “theboatpeople” (who sell boats – just because they put it on their website, doesn’t make it a fact.)

To say that the Tomcat is tougher than a Sea Eagle is incorrect. I’ve had a SE 380 for four years and have run it to death on Class III & IV hard geology creeks. Never so much as a pinhole leak. And other than 10 lbs. additional carrying weight, there is virtually no difference between Tomcats and SE Explorer kayaks. Both are wide beamed barges of similiar specs. In fact, the Sea Eagles can comfortably hold more gear, (from 500 - 750 lbs!) The seating, tie on bags, D rings and other accessories (like thigh straps and skeg) are much more versatile to configure than on any Tomcat. This makes for better fishing/camping if you’re seriously into it. While at the same time, be able to either open/close it’s self-bailing floor valves upon entering or leaving challenging whitewater/surf.

The inflation valves, are also high quality Halkey-Roberts.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Aire boats (sold a Lynx recently to get myself a new hardboat) But before you

toss BS with a broad brush, try the boats you knock.

Generally with IKs, you get what you pay for (I’ve owned four of them.) A $120 dollar Orange Sevy won’t hold up as long as a $1500 triple-welded premium PVC or hypalon boat…Doesn’t mean they don’t all have there place. (And why shouldn’t “theboatpeople” be condescending to Sea Eagles, Stearns, Advanced Elements and Sevylors??? If I sold new expensively priced motorcycles on my lot, I wouldn’t want somebody next door selling lower priced dirtbikes that essentially do all the same things.)

Advanced Frame…

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I have the Advanced Element Advanced Frame and really like it. It's of high quality, resembles a hardshell rec kayak and handles/tracks great (highly recommend the optional backbone). You might want to check out the Expedition model if you want the longer 13.5' foot model with more room. I have the smaller Advanced Frame and have used it in all sorts of water and it does great!

You might also want to check out the Staitedge model, which is a sit on top and supposedly very good for fishing and rapids. It is also self bailing..Sounds like this is the type of IK you are looking for.