inflatable life vest

We are finding that paddling in warm weather our life vests are too warm for south Florida.

Any suggestions and or comments on the inflatable life vests would be helpful.

Thanks in advance.


Astral V-8 ;Good reviews on being
comfortable in the heat.I got one for Christmas but we are a few months away from heat ,so no personal testimony. Not inflatable.

Kokatat SeaO2

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I haven't had an opportunity to use mine yet but the back is all mesh. Its feels a bit bulky in the front, or at least it feels that way to me because there is nothing to the back (my beer belly doesn't help matters. It inflates with a Co2 cartridge but just a couple of blows in the filler tube had me looking like a giant yellow Puffer fish.

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Inflatable PFD
I have been using a Mustang Survival MD3085 with manual inflation for the last three years and won’t leave home with out it. It’s very cool in the Summer without all the bulk.

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