Inflatable Outfitting For WW Kayak

Several years ago I outfitted my Wavesport Z with and inflatable system of pads. The system consisted of hip and thigh pads. It was easy to instal and infinitely adjustable. I could easily adjust to fit when I was wearing just shorts or when I was wearing more bulky stuff. The bags have over the years worn out. I do not have the name of the company that made them. I can’t find any reference to anything like this anywhere.

Anyone familiar with this system?

Radical Gear?
I know that some Dagger and Perception whitewater boats had inflatable pads back around 2000 or 2001, but I don’t think they sold the outfitting as an accessory.

There was an outfit called Radical Gear that had something similar, but I don’t think they are around anymore.

I heard a lot of people with the Dagger outfitting complain that the system started to leak air after a while.

Jackson Kayak has an inflatable seat cushion (“Sweet Cheeks”) and an inflatable foot rest (“Happy Feet”) but I am not aware that they ever produced an inflatable set of hip pads.

There are a number of makers who market adjustable hip pads consisting of an envelope into which various thickness of minicell foam are inserted. You probably know about those.

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