inflatable problem

any tips for exiting my inflatable kayak when I put my leg out on the ground in knee deep water my butt is still lower than the sides of the kayak if I push down on the sides for leverage to get water comes in over the sides

try this
use your imigination and experiment.

Remember, like my friend Eddie used to say, there are only two kinds of paddlers- those who have swum, and those who will swim.

Watch this link:

What make of inflatable?
I’ve had a couple inflatables - a Sevylor Tahiti (a real dog!) and an Advanced Elements Expedition (which I still have). In both kayaks I always paddled far enough to run the bow up on a boat landing or I would paddle up and turn to lay myself parallel to the shore. In both instances I could get out either completely dry or by only getting my feet wet. Most quality inflatables are pretty stiff once all their chambers are fully inflated. Maybe your side tubes are not inflated enough, hence being able to submerge them as you exit?

inflatable poblem
thanks for the advice kiltedcelt my inflatable is a INTEX did inflate to the mfg specs afraid to overinflate worried about seams leaking. guess i’ll keep trying different ways to exit

Not familiar with Intex
I had to look them up. I wouldn’t inflate beyond manufacturer’s specs, that’s just asking for trouble. It could be their idea of rigid and another manufacturers are different. My Expedition is rigid enough inflated that I could pull the same maneuver as you and not get much downward flex when trying to get out of the boat. You could also try getting both legs out over one side and turning on your belly. Provided the water is not more than about knee or thigh deep this should allow you to lower your legs in the water and stand up without dumping a bunch of water in the cockpit. However, why can’t you land your boat in shallower water? Also, welcome to the world of inflatables. This is one of many drawbacks to having the convenience of a boat you can stow in a closet. I really like my inflatable but for me it’s too much of a pain to use regularly, so I bought small 8’ hard shell rec boats for my wife and myself.

Sorry for the LOL, but…
Sorry for the LOL earlier, but the picture of what you were describing was just too good. The proverbial Catch 22. Actually I have an Innova Sunny inflatable and although I haven’t actually experienced what you describe, I can relate. Sounds like something that I might experience. The difference is that I probably wouldn’t have the nerve to post it. I really don’t know what you can do. Getting in and out of any kayak is about as awkward an undertaking as I can imagine. Even entering and exiting my SOT kayaks makes me feel like a complete boob.

Generally I just don’t even try to avoid getting wet. For me it’s just part of kayaking.