inflatable rack???

Hi somewhere I saw a reference to an inflatable rack, maybe in Sea Kayker? Any one know of such a creature. Need something simple, generic and portable to use with a rackless car. Best, John

Here it be…

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Check out de video - funny! An' a nice lookin' young lady ta boot. Would ah' use dem - probably not.


funny video. The website claims these racks are from “America,” but I’ve not heard of or seen them anywhere. Any ideas about where to buy them in the U.S.?


Inflatable rack
I purchased this rack from a local kayak manufacturer for my daughter, who only paddles occasionally and therefore didn’t want to install a permanent rack on her vehicle.

The inflatable rack takes some time to set up and is not as convenient as a rigid rack to use, but it certainly works well and secures the boat properly.

My daughter has travelled some good distances on the highway with it and it held securely.

I’d recommend it for the occasional user.


nice rack…and the one for the car ain’t bad either.

Re. Inflatable Rack
Hi John,

I think that you may be referring to the HandiRack which Malone Auto Racks will be distributing shortly in the US.

These are becoming very popular in the UK and Europe - paddlers love them!!

Let me know if you require any further info.

Air Racks
Used them occasionaly over the years. Probably not for daily use but very usefull when using rental cars. I’ve seen 4 sea kayaks driven at highway speeds for long distance on the roof of a rented Lincon Town Car using these. Down side is the vehicle will fill up with water if you leave them on in a rain storm.

not quite sure what they’re selling

I use one a lot
I have a T-bar on the back of my pickup and didn’t want to spend a couple hundred on a half a rack. It’s pretty easy to use and store.

The downsides are; the whole rack can move side to side some - a bow line stops that. Carrying two boats they tend to rub together - tie a piece of foam or pool noodle between them. After about 4-5 years the valves leak where they fold in - I’m not folding the new set to see if that helps it probably won’t, Goop buys a little time. I got my second set from, I think about $80.

Good Luck


Foam noodle
As an alternative to a permanent rack, I can’t see how this is one bit better than two foam noodles with straps threaded through them and passed through the windows. In other words, as a make-do solution, there is a cheaper option than this.

Add sections of pvc pipe to each end and
straps won’t abrade and cut the noodle so badly. Have a friend who hauls two Cobra SOT’s, one a triple, on his car with pool noodles, they work great.

Have you seen the Handirack?

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I doubt you've seen those racks in action. I have.

They're significantly better than pool noodles, which is so soft it's even worse than foam blocks. I had foam blocks for a few months before I scored a real rack. I know the pros and cons.

Cheaper, not as good.

for all the good advice. got a handirack, but decided that it was a bit much to lug on an airplane and there’s no way to lock a kayak to it as with standard bars. will use marshall’s suggestion w/o the internet order bit.