Inflatable Roof Rack?

I upgraded to a 10 foot kayak and it doesn’t fit in my car. I did some looking around and found a universal inflatable roof rack for a good price.

Does anyone have experience with them?

You really want a rigid connection between the boat and the car. I can’t imagine that an inflatable rack would provide that.

Bill H.

You could end up with not only…
a flat tire, but a flat roof rack !

Jack L

Malone Handi-Rack
We recently purchased a Malone Handi-Rack for our son to use with a 10-foot, 40-lb. SOT. Initially I had real reservations about this, but he only paddles occasionally and on a river a few miles from where he lives, The roads all have less than 40 mph speed limits. So far, he has had no problems, and removes the “racks” after each use. He has an older two-door Civic. I would never risk using these racks at higher speeds, longer distances, or with a heavier/longer boat.

next month on roof paint condition

I used the Smartrack
on the cab of my pickup at highway speed for several years with foam block on the rear rack, they are very stable. The only downsides, when used in the rain water will wick thru the strap and drip inside the vehicle, and do not leave them fully inflated in the sunshine they may split. A bonus when I complained here about my second set not being as durable as the first, a Malone rep contacted me and replaced both sets even though Malone did not own Handirack when I bought them and the first set had just worn out. I think they’ll do fine in the conditions you describe. Definitely use a bow and stern line.