Inflatable storage: w/air? in attic? uv?

There are a few of us owning inflatable kayaks (Dragonflys, Stearns, and the ubiquitous Sevylor Tahitis & Rangers) here in Central NC with a difference of opinion on inflatable maintenance and storage:

Air1) Reinflate the boat and store in racks upside down

Air2) completely deflate the boats and store in bag that allows some airflow

The other debate is over attic storage (can still get to 120deg when sun is beating down on house) vs garage or outbuilding (bike size storage shed).

At1) attic is better: likely lower average humidity than “bike shed” or garage, assuming house is air conditioned and heated.

At2) “bike shed” is better: lower average temps

At3) neither of above, put the boat in a closet in the house! (assumes storage in bag)

Third topic: UV protectants (303, McNett UV Tech)

UV1) Not much value from UV protectants unless you leave the boats out in the sun for a LONG time

UV2) Use UV protectants it religiously, it’ll save your boat from premature cracking

(All of us agreed to STAY AWAY FROM Armor All!)

Any wise words to rebutt above points?

Thanks for comments, Mark

Hey Mark
My opinion is:

Store folded in dry area. Temperature not so important. What is important is to unfold and inflate boat at least 3 times a year. Even if one dosen’t use it. Also, try to fold it different each time it is stored. In other words, don’t keep folding it the same way when storing.

Sun block:

I don’t know. I use 303 protectant

and try to keep my boats in the shade

as much as possible. The sun will

damage boats, but i don’t know if

the sun block stuff works.


What does the manufacturer say?
I bet your boats each came with an instruction manual that has a section on storage.

Manuals say little, that’s why asked
Advanced Elements Dragonfly manual doesn’t say anything about keeping the boats away from high humidity or heat when stored, just:

“It should be deflated and kept out of direct

sunlight when stored.”

As part of two paragraphs that include the sentence above, manuals recommend only soap and water be used to wash down the boat.

Now the Advanced Frame manual adds:

“Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures (hot or cold).”

Which lends credence to the “keep it folded up in the house” option.

This is one reason I posted, getting advice from more experienced kayakers that conflicts.

Thanks for the comments above. We put our boats back in a bag, and like the idea of folding differently each time (manual has regular folding scheme).

Cheers de Mark