Inflatable SUP banned ???

Greetings paddler, I just bought a RedPaddleCo Nine-Four inflatable SUP ($1069). Today while at the kayak launch site @ Overpeck park in Leonia NJ (bergen county), and in the process of inflating my SUP, i was told by a patroling officer that Inflatable SUP are not allowed.

Is this for real ??

Did he wink?

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If not, it sounds like it was for real. But it seems rather arbitrary. Did he give a reason, or cite a law?

wink optional
but the officer may have “cited” a law :wink:

Just chiming in.

Inflatable SUP not allowed
oh thanks guys for replying and hearing me out :slight_smile: it means alot to me for someone to care :slight_smile:

anyways… he said inflatables are not allowed because if it deflates, theres no way for them to go rescue us. Eventhough I told him I do have type III PFD and even an ankle leash !

I chose this overpeck park creek because the water (though its dirty) is a calm still water. I’m still a beginner so I don’t really want to venture out to Hudson River (tidal) or beach (sharky !).

LoL. so what would you do guys ? should I contact some kind of office ? Thanks :slight_smile:

Always get deets
Always, without being belligerent, get badge number, name, rank. Get reason for warning/citation. And always ask the specific local law in question and who to contact about clarifying it.

OFTEN, LEO says things to civs based on very shallow understanding of actual law. It helps if you know that you are in the right and have the actual law and a contact in the legal system to quickly disarm unlawful commands by LEO.

Most often, LEO has the public’s best interest in mind. Sometimes this leads to what I call “false rules” that are born of an LEO’s personal experience. It’s not law, but a cop trying to shepherd. It’s well intentioned, but not a legit legal order.

Finally, it’s pretty unlikely you have an legislation specifically against inflatable SUPs that would hold any water. As an inflatable device, it would take some very serious and unambiguous legislation to ban specifically inflatable SUPs, as opposed to any flotable that can be maneuvered with a paddle.

if a boat
Got a hole in it, there would be no way to save it either.

If a plane breaks down there is no way to save it.

Ryan L.

Once that board is inflated, it doesn’t really look like an inflatable. Personally, I would just wait to inflate it when there’s no law around - once you’re on the water, no one is going to realize it’s an inflatable.

Call the Coast Guard or DNR
I would call the Coast Guard or DNR and find a specific law this LEO is citing. More than likely the local agency responsible for your rescue (probably the fire department) is going to use an inflatable Zodiac to rescue you. I can’t see how this could be real my guess is a LEO was over protective and it has just snowballed from there now they think it is a law.

Thank you for your input :slight_smile:
Thank you very much for your input :slight_smile: I highly appreciate it :slight_smile:

Thank you for your input :slight_smile:
Thank you for your input :slight_smile: and supposedly this RedPaddleCo Nine-Four are supposed to be 1 of the top-of-the-line too, the only one that can have up to 35 psi and airblock.

Thank you for your input :slight_smile:
Thank you for your input :slight_smile: Thats very true ! except that Overpeck Park (Leonia NJ) boat launch area is a very small place and I believe theres only 1 patroling officer so he’ll remember me and my car too ! I still want my rights to paddle , since the legit law says u need PFD and ankle leash ( i got those both).

Thank you for your input :slight_smile:
Thank you for your input :slight_smile: I’ll google search the Coast Guard and Fire Dept contact info. Very great info you’ve all given me ! I wouldn’t know how to deal with these because I’m still a youngin :slight_smile:

Single chamber?
Some waterways prohibit inflatable boats that do not have multiple air chambers. (The RIB that the fire department rescues you in has 3 completely separate chambers.) If your board only has one place where you fill it with air, then this may be the reason it is not allowed on the water.

Overpeck Park
I found this link and it states that model boating is permitted by permit only. Perhaps he thought you were a model boat?

I think Nate is right.
It’s very possible they don’t allow single chamber inflatables.

Do yourself a favor go paddle on the OCEAN … you will be glad you did, and if someone comes out and tells you you can’t paddle where you are, give them a salute and paddle somewhere else.

inflatable sup
I know on the Lehigh in PA any inflatable craft must have more than one air chamber. Not that it should matter on flat water, but rules is rules. Sometimes there is no logic. Then again, if the water is that scummy maybe they don’t want to have to get in to haul you out!

Thanks for ur reply

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Thanks 4 ur reply. Yes my SUP inflatable only got 1 air inlet, but I wish they consider the fact that this particular model is an exceptional type (indestructible) --

I would totally prefer the ocean/beach except its over 2 hour drive away from where I live :(

hi Shira
Hi Shira, thanks for the link. Yea it looks like it says “boat car top” which means no inflatables :frowning:

so much for inflatables
so much for my brand new $1100 inflatable uber-durable SUP, I might have to keep it as a backup for long-distance trips (ocean, beaches, etc).

AND… i just found this…

I wonder if they’ll fuss about this model !!! I really can’t have a full-size SUP because it won’t fit the elevator/apartment.

Seems strange a thousand dollar raft (SUP or not) has but only one single chamber!

It totally defy the basic engineering principles of redundancy.