Inflatable to replace my SOT tandem


I’m considering to replace my Malibu 2 XL tandem sit on top with inflatable one, mainly due to portability reasons. I’m using it for daytime paddling at Mediterranean open waters with a friend / kid.
I’ve been looking at advanced elements convertible tandem with the drop-stitch floor.
I have a few concerns

  1. Re-entry - it takes me 2 seconds to hop back into the SOT. How does this work with the inflatable? Can I just pull myself to the kayak the same way?

  2. Ability to handle chop and swell - the Malibu paddles through moderate chop quite well. Is this going to be similar experience with the advanced elements? Will I able to use my full body strength and legs to paddle?

  3. Should I look for a different model? I’m talking about ~1K price tag.

Note that I’m fairly experienced with a solo sea kayak, if it matters.

What make and models are you considering?

Advanced elements convertible

Pretty much the same. Have a bit higher climb aboard my Sawtooth. If possible, bet one without internal bladders. Much faster to dry and less hassle. I only have experience with Innova and Aire. Like them but lots of others. Check out The “Inflatable Kayaking Is Awesome “ group on Facebook. Weed through the Intex posts and lots of good info.