inflatable two man kayak

Was curious about any recommendations on an inflatable kayak for two. Want to be able to store it in our fifth wheel camper and we are both new to this. Criteria would be weight, stability (both new to this and not young-50ish). Have never kayaked, but sure would love to be able to access the water when camping. Mostly would use in a calm water situation. How easy is it to get used to? Thanks-Jim

Check out SeaEagle.Com
Also there’s several reviews here on P.Net. I was seriously considering one, but after reading here, there, everywhere, I’ve learned that I really would make better use of a traditional kayak.

Nonetheless, the SeaEagle paddleski will be worth your time checking out. I still might wind up getting one (used) anyways, so that my wife and I can do stillwater wildlife watching/photo/ and filming. We’re Yellowstone and Grand Teton “lovers”, and an inflatable would be great for us to have. Good Luck!

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a second to theboatpeople…
for good info.

My 2 cents - most IKs are very stable and easy to use for beginners. I would advise you stay away from the “decked” boats. For rec paddling, the deck is minimally useful, and for beginners, can make it more difficult to enter/exit. In the unlikely event of a capsize, it can also be an entrapment hazard.

My recommendation is the Innova Sunny (my boat). Others that look intriguing are the newer Sevylor models and the open-deck models from Advanced Elements. Test paddle if you can - it is not easy to do with IKs. To that end, If you are interested in test-paddling a Sunny near Columbus, email me. Family things keep me from paddling very often, but if are not in a hurry, we might be able to work out something.

Tandem IK’s are very stable.`
Not very fast on flat water, but stabilty will not be an issue for you. Regardless of vendor.

advanced elements
I have an Advanced Elements Advnaced frame convertible. I love it. It tracks quite well, it is very easy to set up, plus you can use it as a tandem or set the seats to use as a single also. It is very sturdy and durable. There is plenty of room, plus I bought the deck attachments to make it more like a closed deck. I would recommend this kayak. The set up takes about a 1/2 hour the first time, then 15-20 minuts after that. You will want to make sure it is dry though before packing it back into the bag it comes in, and yes you can actually fit it back into the bag unlike most sleeping bags or tents I have purchased. The price is right also, I bought mine from an online dealer and have been very satisfied with their service, but if you want to take a look, REI carried this model as well. Good Luck!