Inflatable WW: Take Along Air Pump?

I just bought an inflatable kayak for going down rivers. I inflated it in my living room with my Wally World foot pump that we use for our tow inflatables.

What do folks use/recommend for taking along down the river? I’m sure I can bungee the Wally World foot pump onto the boat one way or another, but is there a better/smaller/lighter way to go?

I typically use a Bravo 10.
Fairly small and lightweight. Much more robust than a $20 pump from China with essentially nothing to break. I’ve had to clean the O-ring and relube the cheap dual-action pumps more than once to get them to work on-river.

With either bellows or pump action models, be sure and not pump water into the tubes after an incident. Been known to happen.

Foot (bellows) pump
is probably the best.