Inflatables or other lighter options?

I just bought an inflatable by Advanced Elements, because I am training for a triathlon and wanted something light to carry (I tend to hurt my back loading my 40 pound Otter alone.) But I found the inflatable too soft, and I sat too low (I weight 189 ) It was hard to paddle and tracked lousy.

I am trying to resell it now and am looking for alternatives…any suggestions on something lighter than 40 pounds, but still a decent kayak for flat water racing?


About Innova Kayaks
I have an Innova Sunny (with the fin). It inflates very firm. You should have no trouble with the softness. It also tracks quite well with the fin.

I am not sure what kind of speed you are expecting for racing. The Sunny will top out at 3.5-4 mph. It is comparable with plastic rec kayaks of the same size (12-13 feet).

What about Feathercraft Airline
Kayaks? Some of those weigh only 25 pounds, and I have heard they are a lot better performing than other inflatable types.

The Innova Solar weighs 24lbs
It’s only 9’, but i think it comes with a fin.

Also an option is the new NRS Bandit
The solo is 17 lbs while the tandem is 24 lbs. Not so sure I’d take the Innova into much whitewater but would take these.

Wave Witch Classic
This is probably more money than you are thinking about spending. Weighs 30 lbs and will blow the doors off of a inflatable or rec boat. Heck my Mako surf kayak is probably faster than an inflatable and it weighs less than 30.

Maybe you should be doing some weight/strength training for your triatholon training?

I’m willing to race you with my Innova
in any type of water condition.

All good naturedly of course. Not trying to be an a__hole or prove anything.

Maybe Pakboats Swift
Maybe the Pakboats Puffin Swift ( ) would suit your needs.

A couple of Swift paddlers post on the forum at and at the Bagboaters mailing list at

Good luck,


Steamer Lane in March ?
I’m planning on being in Santa Cruz then.

I like your gumption.
OK, I accept. Though we have to agree to post the results on

Innova Safari on sale at REI…
I just noticed the Innova Safari inflatable is on sale at REI for $519.

The Safari is 10ft long, 28in wide, weighs 24lbs, self-bailing, comes with thigh straps, removable fin, and a drybag/backpack.