I have a friend that is always available for floating, but only if I want to do ww runs. He’s not interested in long flat/slow canoe tripping which is my bread and butter. So rather than go and spend money on a ww kayak or canoe, I was going to spend just a few bucks on a Seyvlor Bali inflatable. This definitely seems to be the low end of their product line, but I think it would suit my needs well. So do you think I’d spend more time repairing it or should I pony up the bigger dollars for a hardshell?

Pony Up
The Bali is a toy that doesn’t even cut it on flat, calm water. Get a hardshell or a good inflatable like the Innova Safari.

thats what I was looking for

Old school WW?
You can get a beat up old school boat like the Pirouette or even a newer-but-everywhere Dagger RPM dirt cheap. If it’s a matter of getting on the river with your friend on the cheap, and you are comfortable in these boats, that may be a plan.

Get a hard shell unless you live in a city apartment and have space issues.

Friend will have a roll soon?
Will your friend soon be ready to roll that hardshell? And do you want to chase his heavy, water-filled boat frequently if not?

And please don’t put your friend in an older, less maneuverable and far less comfy hardshell like RPM, Pirouette, Corsica, etc. – not nice.

Easier and better if no competent river roll is something like one of these high quality WW inflatables:

(had a solid Tomcat, about to get a light Bandit myself)

OR, to save money bit have something decently capable Class I to III- … but patch-kit needed maybe a few times over the lifespan:

OR in between:

(I have an older red one, fun and tough but cheap valves, etc.)

Ooops, I meant for you :slight_smile:

Not really a fan of Sevylor
because of their use of Boston type valves…just not high quality. I have 2 AdvancedElements and they are a high quality kayak. Excellent customer service too. These boats use heavy duty sping loaded valves and fit and finish on the materials used is top notch. You need to paddle a Sevylor and then the AE to appreciate the difference. That said, if on a slim budget, the Sevylor Rio would be my choice as I have paddled it down river…good kayak for the money.


and for Sevylors:

Click on the photos at AE and check out their yellow 13’ kayak, it’s my favorite and has a 450lb. capacity too. It’s fast, stable, and very durable.

I’d only buy the pricier Sevylors USED
but in great shape. The XK1 is not worth the money new near $400 when you can find one used for close to $200 sometimes like I did, OR better: New or used Aire/Tributary Tomcat solo for $350-450 is far better, wiser purchase for real whitewater (Class III and up).

Very different boats, though – XK1 is sporty, feels a more like a wide hardshell kayak, whereas the Tomcat is bulkier, more buoyant, more stable, feels a little like a personal raft.

The XK1 is partly a cheap knock off of this FAR superior and very high-performance Aire Force XL, which supposedly comes with a 10-yr no-fault waranty: