I want to purchase an inflatible kyak to use on the lakes and rivers around Arizona. I live in a small townhouse and do not have the room for a hard shell. Can someone please direct me to a solid manufacturer?


Check out for lots of good info.

A good place to start would be to
join one of the AZ web-based paddling groups. The desert_paddlers just had a group paddle on the lower salt where new paddlers borrowed or tested other user’s inflatables. Group paddles also give you the opportunity to view several vendors boats in use at one time, even if you don’t paddle all of them. is well known for having a great FAQ and advice on inflatables.

You didn’t state your price range or desire (low-end solo day boat or high end expedition tandem) so it’s hard to give advice.

I have a web site with TR’s for most of the AZ rivers and a couple lakes at:

Below are the most active AZ paddling groups:


Thanks for the advice. I will check out the sites and the groups you mentioned.

Wll do. Thanks


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If space is one of the main concerns, you might want to consider a folding kayak

here are some links