Info about CD Caribou

Can someone straighten me out about the various models of the Current Designs Caribou. I know that the 2010 model had modifications to the hull. But there is Caribou S and just plain Caribou. And various specifications of length from 17’ 3" to 17’ 8". The used market includes a variety of boats and it is hard to decide which boat is being sold.

The old design was 17’8" long and had very hard chines. It originally didn’t have a skeg (Or even the option of one). When the skeg was made a regular part of the boat, it became the “S” model for many years.

The new version is shorter, has a higher deck, and the chines have been rounded out some. It’s really not the same kayak anymore. Haven’t paddled the new version, but it may paddle very well, as I have paddled a Suka, which is the smaller sister to the new Caribou, and found it to be a likeable boat.