Info about Mohawk

Does anyone know about the Mohawk XL13? I’m an intermediate paddler who’s looking for a solo boat. There’s one in the classifieds today for a really good price. I’m in a non paddling area and usually these boats are barely used and underpriced. I’m moving to Austin in August and will have chance to do some moderate II’s and some surfing the Rio Vista Damn. I’m a very big guy 6 3" 290pnds and am tired of being crammed into my Perception Acadia. I don’t know if this is the perfect boat for me but the price may be too good to pass up.

Have you looked on Mohawk’s website?

Mohawk’s description
XL13…This canoe is a Mohawk classic. Super stable and forgiving, the XL-13 is known for being a great beginner boat or a roomy canoe for big paddlers. It is used by schools and liveries alike because of the fact it is so user friendly. It’s 3" of rocker make it track better than some of the newer more rockered designs… rocker 3".Suggested list-$1,000.00 FACTORY DIRECT-$800.00

Looks like a winner.

I am not as enthusiastic, but if you can
get an XL13 in good condition for a good price, go for it.

Also watch for the Probe 14 and the Dagger Caption, both quite manageable as solos for a big guy.

Hydrodynamics will play in
with some one your size. I would definitely test paddle anything your considering buying. I know this because I’m your size and great boats simply don’t work for me.

Big Wide Whitewater Canoe
Lots of rocker. Like any whitewater boat it’s not something I’d care to push very far on flatwater. Pretty wide. Makes offside strokes difficult.

There are better whitewater boats and better flat to class II boats but if the price is right and it gets you on the water…


good advice
I got it for 250$. Not bad. It’s seen some action but looked in good shape. Never wrapped or pinned and garage kept. Bought from 2nd owner, he used it on lakes for fishing. I can’t wait to get it in the water…thanks

i was looking at
that very boat, but have made my mind up and going to buy a outrage x. let us know how it handles on the flatwater and the ww…

heck, i still might pick one up for the wife.

hope you enjoy it!