Info about Mohawk's official return

I received the following in my inbox less than an hour ago:

My name is Stuart Gonzales. I am the new owner of Mohawk Canoe. Mohawk

will continue to be owned by paddlers for paddlers!! I do have a business

partner who is also an avid boater. Here’s a little information regarding


I wanted to send you an update on Mohawk Canoes and Availability. Please

check the website as we do have a limited number of Mohawk Canoes in

selected designs currently available.

I also wanted to let you know that Mohawk will be up an running new boats

within the next month, so if you or any of your friends are looking for a

new canoe, please check out Mohawk. Mohawk is now taking orders for our

full-line of Mohawk Canoes!! We are introducing the Mohawk Canoe back to

the public with 2005 prices – that’s right, we are not increasing the price

of your favorite brand!! I hope that this gives some additional incentive

to take a look at Mohawk again!! If you have any further questions, give us

a call at the shop during office hours (M - F, 8A - 4P):

(877) CANOE29 – (877) 226 - 6329 OR address e-mails to

Again, thanks for your interest in Mohawk Canoes!

We will be stocking replacement parts if you are in need of them. Contact

us with your needs.

Great news!

Stuart Gonzales

President, CEO

Mohawk Manufacturing Company

Parent of Mohawk Canoes


I hope the prices stay the same. Right now the Solo 14 is listed at $840, and it used to be $672.


When was it $672?
Seems like the prices are the same as when they ceased production.


price of solos
The solo 14 is priced at $840 factory direct, or so it says, but scroll down and look at the the price table for all canoes: it lists the Solo 14 at $672. To make matters worse, it used to say (before the New Year) Mohawk Solo 14: $672 factory direct, not $840. Go figure.

I think they are making everything in R84 now. Which I think the solo 13 and 14 where R84 before, but the tandem canoes are where mostly Royalex.


Wrong; according to the email I received from Stuart Gonzales at 10:09 this morning…

Quote: Please take a look at the website and see that most boats will be available for delivery very soon!! The only exception to this is there will not be any R-84 available for the first nine-twelve months.

Maybe its just me, but I’m confused regarding exactly what the prices are on each canoe. I see different prices, at different locations on the web site, for the same boat?


I’m also confused
I’ve tried calling a few times to get it cleared up, but no answer.


Today’s email
I got price quotes for and Odysea 15 and a solo 14 They were indeed 2005 prices, not the higher prices you mention here. I did not ask about materials since in the past the solo was made with r84 and the odysea with royalex.

Anyway the prices were very good and I cannot wait to sell my sailboat so I can order one.

I’m a bit confused as well
I’m confused as to the pricing on the Mohawk line. I’m also confused about the availability of not only R-84 but also the fiberglass line. But perhaps Mr. Gonzalez will be able to make the appropriate corrects on the web-site. I’m sure he has his hands full right about now…

I am VERY glad to know of the return of the Mohawk line! I’m particularly pleased that it’s still a privately held company and didn’t fall in the sewer like so many canoe/kayak companies that have been swallowed up by big corporations. Many know which companies I’m talking about and how their quality and customer service has suffered… Mohawk has always been a top-shelf company in my opinion with THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE IN THE BUSINESS – bar none. I hope the new owners carry on this great tradition. - Randall