Info/comparisions on Rockpool Tarantella

I’m looking for any people who are willing to share personal experiences paddling the Rockpool Tarantella.

I would love to hear especially from people who have paddled the Tarantella and Taran or Taran 16, and are able to compare these models.

Specifically, is the Tarantella slower than the Taran or Taran 16?

I can find lots of info on the Tarans, but very little on the Tarantella, so any knowledge is appreciated.

Until I saw this post I had never heard of that boat.

I haven’t paddled any of those boats so probably this is worth less than my 2 cents, but the Tarentella is designed for smaller paddlers, and it seems like aside from being lower volume it’s meant to perform like the Taran.

Rockpool…UK… Rockpool Kayaks

Street, I have Google.

Valley is big in USA but I’ve only heard of Rockpool on the internet. Seems like a better question for a UK web group.

You’ll find a lot more info on UK forums. We’ve got a Taran 18 and an Alaw, and know a few others with Rockpools floating around the mid-Atlantic, but have yet to even see a Tarantella.

Yes, asking on UK forums sounds good. I’ll try there.

Looking at the specs of each boat on Rockpool’s website, I see that the Taran 16 and the Tarantella have the same length and width, so it would make sense that the Tarantella shouId be as the fast as the Taran 16.

I guess I was wondering if the lower volume would affect its preformance in some way compared to the other Tarans.

Well I have demo paddled both the Tarantella and the Taran as well as most boats in the Rockpool line. I did not see any speed difference between the two. They are both fast boats for sure! The Tarantella is a low volume boat and suited for the smaller paddler. Its really about what fits you? Height, weight and size.

I own a Rockpool Isel the low volume version of the Alaw Bach. It simply came down to fit. I am 5`10 and 170. After looking at many low volume boats I made the right choice.

I don’t know your location , however the US distributor for Rockpool is

Sea Kayak Connecticut give them a call they will be happy to help.

And yes there all lots of happy Rockpool owners in the states too.

If you live in or near to Maine you can find Rockpool boats at Nanuq Kayaks ( . I know one very happy Taran owner and whilst I can’t really talk about what it’s like I know he went from a Romany to a Taran and couldn’t be happier.

Thanks for the responses.

I’ve been looking for a boat that is fast but also fairly low-volume. I’ve been impressed by what I have heard about the Taran, so that made me interested in the Tarantella.