info north maine woods

hello all- its been a while since ive been on here- but i figured this is the place to get an answer for my upcoming vacation.

I was wondering if anyone has been up to Allagash Stream and into the lake recently and could tell me how the water level is all the way thru to chamberlain lake? and if the mosquitos are a big problem right now?

heading up next week and just wanted to know what we are in for. any info is helpful- thanks!


Call the ranger at Chamberlain Bridge
He would know. There are bugs there. The skeeters might be gone but I doubt it. June was wet. Also the no seeums persist all summer.

The level at the village looks low.

thanks for the info, i appreciate it. I gave them a call. Looks like the water is a bit low and we will encounter the no seeums :frowning:

if anyone has been up that way lately - please share how it was…

Have fun!
I was on Allagash lake last year but we came down from Johnson Pond. It was May. Crawling with fisherman. Kept us up all night. But it is a lovely spot and you won’t have fisherman this time of year. (no offense to our fisherman memmbers - I fish a bit too. )