info on a heritage

I have a heritage featherlite angler 9.5, and I absolutely love the little boat. My only complaint is that I can only fish for a couple of hours without my back hurting. Do I need a new seat or a new boat? Suggestions please.

you love your boat, try a new seat. I have the Featherlite 14, and at 6’1" I can stretch my legs and fish all day without a problem.

Demo a longer boat, if possible. The 14 can be had for $600 or so.

Its the seat. The boat has sufficient
leg room. If the seat will adjust to a more vertical position, that may help your back. A thin cushion behind you may also help, as well as a cushion for the seat.

do you have
any suggestions on an after market seat for a sis yak

A couple
Seal Line makes some excellent cushions I have the seat one and it is self inflating like a Thermarest. All day comfort!

and a companion cushion for the lower back.

Both look good. I’ve used a garden
kneeling pad, nylon covered and made with mini-cell foam, as well as a $4 butt pad sold mostly to Little League parents. Both work, the $4 pad seems to work best with my Old Town Loon…it has the old style hard plastic seat…, the kneeling pad is best with my canoe.

seat cushion
I met a couple a couiple of weeks ago who had Heritage redfish SOTs. They were using some pads from Walmart. Ours didn’t have them, but have had, so you may be able to get one there.

upgrade seat for HT 9.5
I bought a Clear Creek seat from Academy for mine and it made a huge difference. High back, thick padded seat, both make it very comfortable.