Info on a kayaking trip in europe

Im planning a trip next summer across europe for four months or so, and want to travel my various means, and am looking in to spending a period of time sea kayaking along the coast, before cycling inland.

I spoke breifly to a friend about the idea, and though they couldnt spare much help, they told me a collapsible kayak might make it feasible.

I admittedly know nothing about kayaking, and have never done it before, but the prospect of this trip really exites me. Ive no idea where to start really when it comes to equipment, and how easy it is to paddle along a coastline in a linier way. So any help on what I would need, and if its actually possible to do it (if so, which coastlines are the best) would be hugely apprechiated.


I’m really not a sea kayaker, but
I can tell you that sea kayaking calls for some training, some experience, and preferably some companions. Things can come up along a coastline that can completely overwhelm anyone, so the ability to read waves and weather is essential.

Not saying you can’t do it, but I would stay on land, bicycling along the coast, and kayak only where outfitting and guide support are available.

I say this as an experienced whitewater canoeist and kayaker who has done self-supported wilderness river trips. The ocean is another matter. Few people are in a position to kayak along an ocean coast on their own. It may take you a while to become one of them.

suggest a tour
Logistically, self-organizing a kayak trip might be challenging. A folding boat is going to push the limit of airline baggage restrictions, and then you still need a lot more gear beyond that. And if you are doing legs of your trip by other modes, what are you going to do with the kayak and all the gear?

Then you would have to figure out the routing, stops, tides, currents, weather etc., none of which is going to be simple to find.

Then there are the practical considerations of your training and experience levels, and the desireability of having others along on a kayak trip, especially where you are unfamiliar with the local conditions.

I’d suggest you look for some kayak tours where you could rent a boat and go with a group. That way, you don’t have to worry about lugging the gear around, and you have a group and local knowledge readily available.


Not the safest idea…
…but not entirely suicidal either. The Swedish coast is probably one of the least dangerous coasts to paddle. You don’t have to be a highly skilled or advanced paddler. But you have to have enough experience to decide when to stay ashore.

If you’ve never done kayaking before, I do not suggest paddling along any sea coast in a foreign country.

From easy to difficult my recommendations (I’m from Europe):

  • any (internal) lake from small to big:

    Sweden gives you the choice to paddle on small up to rather big lakes, same with i.e. lake Constance or lake Mueritz in Germany or the Scottish lakes or the Netherland lakes. No tides, usually no currents and controllable waves (except when stormy weather).

  • Baltic sea (i.e. Sweden, Denmark, Germany) or Mediterranean Sea (i.e. Italy, France, Spain), the latter nice warm but unexpected wind possible.

  • North Sea - this one is NOT for beginners, same as Atlantic Ocean (i.e. France, Portugal, Spain, UK)

    You may rent kayaks here, no problem.

    For more details I’ll need more information (which country, language etc.)