Info on Adventure Kayaking in Vero Beach

Hi All,

I am looking for information on the following company - Adventure Kayaking our of Vero Beach in FLA. Here is their link:

The 15 yr old daughter of a friend of mine goes to a private school and they are using this company for a March trip down in Florida.

It immediately brought to mind last years fatal trip down in Florida which took place late February. I did a search in the archives but can’t seem to locate any info.

Can anyone locate that thread for me?



Give them a call
Just call them up and ask what certifications their guides have. If they have ACA or BCU training they should be able to let you know. Most folks working as guides on the west coast also have extensive first aid and wilderness first responder training. Ask how many years experience their guides have. Chances are if no one on this list knows the owner operator they may not be very experienced. On the other hand if it is a paddle along the Indian River in good weather, it does not sound really very risky. The kids/adult chaperones that are going need to have the good sense to check the weather and if violent thunderstorms, winds and waves are in the forecst ask for a rain check.

School Trip
Do you remember the school trip that I am referring to though? I think it was last year and they were just off the coast of Florida and got caught out in a t-storm. If I recall, they even had a chase boat. I believe two teenagers died.


They are out of Merrimac Mass.
I have paddled with them. I did my first lesson many years ago with them. Kittery Trading post uses them for their kayak schooling. The instructors that I had were very good. But you can call and talk to the owners


Try Posting Differently
I remember hearing about the accident you are talking about. I thought the group was using open canoes with one guide and someone from the company responded here. Try posting on the Discussion Board with a title like “Fatal Florida Paddling Accident Info ?” and you might get a more relavent response.