info on camo canoes

would like info on camo canoes such as waterquest or old town which is better or even another brand you may know of. Thanks, Steve

what pattern camo?

can’t tell ya
which is better , but camo rules!

Don’t rule out "duck-hunter green"
Any boat in some shade of “dead-grass brown” or olive green is remarkably difficult to see in most situations, as long as there is some vegetation nearby. My dad hunted ducks for years with plain, uni-color boats, and has never had a problem with the ducks spotting the boat and flaring off. Parking the boat partly in brush, or draping a little grass over the gunwales in a few spots to break up the outline helps, though. Anyway, in my experience, any of those dark, neutral/natural colors are just as hard to see as most styles of camo, and a lot of camo styles really aren’t very effective.

A really good reason to consider a solid color is that you can get a much better-quality canoe that way than what’s available in camo (unless a wide, slow, heavy canoe is what you want).

a solid green or tan will allow you to custom 3 d camo your boat to your surroundings.

You can also buy/make camo spraydecks
for a canoe, which would obscure it from most angles, I would think. I just bought a camo pfd to increase my ability to sneak up on birds.

wenonah is making royalex boats in a camo pattern now.