Info on canoe racks needed

I have two canoes–a tandem and a solo. My problem is I live in a townhouse with a very small patio in the back. I need some kind of canoe rack in which one canoe is on top and the other beneath it (i.e., not side by side). Checking out the internet, there appears to be a number of racks for kayaks but none for canoes that fit my requirements. Any suggestions?

2 1/2" PVC build your own

you into DIY?
There should be some designs or images online somewhere…

crossbars with 2x4 legs to hold the tandem boat and webbing straps from the crossbars to hold the solo underneath.

How about…

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Yer kin make somethang like dis fer a few bucks.

(Oobviously yer got'ta make two o' dem)

Got a toyd o' me fleet settin' on dem in de basement durin' de winter...

(Dat 'yak ain't mine ah' tells ya)


I just built a rack for my tandem up off the ground then use foam blocks and put my solo on the tandem piggy back style. Keep them out of the sun and they will be fine.

Ryan L.

Outdoor rack
Dear Norman,

Finally, a question best suited to being answered by an unhandy lazy man! :wink:

Go to your local big box home supply store and check out the pre-fabbed PVC shelving units.

Most feature shelves that are 18" X 36" or thereabouts. Just orient them so that the 36" length supports the beam of the boat.

Even the most flimsy one will hold 300 pounds easily and you can usually buy two shelf sets for about $ 45.00 - $ 50.00 tops.

They won’t be earthquake proof and loading the canoes onto them may take some jockeying about to load the one on the middle shelf. Once that is accomplished you will have both boats off the ground and allow for air circulation under the hulls to prevent mold and growth of nasty things.

That’s the most important thing in my mind.


Tim Murphy :wink: