Info on making carbon fiber canoe paddle

Has anyone had any experience constructing a carbon fiber canoe paddle or know of any published material on how to go about it?

it can be done
Get some blue insulation foam for the paddle blade. Shape and carve the blade.

For the shaft, get a length of pipe and pipe insulation foam. The pipe will be to hold the insulation foam straight. The insulation foam will be a “core” for the shaft. Maybe pinch one end of the the pipe in a vise to get the grip orientation shape.

Make the handle by laminating carbon fiber sleeving over the pipe insulation. When cured, pull out the pipe.

Lamianted the blade core. You’ll have to experiment the best way to attach the blade to the shaft.

The handle will be tricky. You’ll just have to do some carving out of foam or maybe balsa wood and laminate. Attach to shaft.