info on oar rig dorries/canoes

I am looking for a low cost dorrie/guide boat or simmilar. basically i want a oar canoe type rig that will fit 3 dogs and a girlfriend to do flatwater multiday river trips. any suggestions on who makes these types of boats or better yet a used one would be greatlt appreciated… THANKS for looking!!! Clay

I have one for you
You can try my Old Town Disco 160 with oars. It sounds perfect for what you want and they are a bargain new as well as used. If you like it you might even be able to find a dealer that will rig an Old Town Guide 16 with a rowing set up for you to save even more.

Becareful taking your girlfriend out in these boats, thats how I ended up married. Of course if that is your plan leave the dogs behind one day and take a pinic basket a bottle of wine and a blanket.

Small amount of help

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If you haven't checked out the P-Net thread titled "backwards rowing", do so. Also, find the website for "Spring Creek". It seems like Spring Creek is one of the more popular, and probably less expensive sources for rowing rigs that attach to canoes. Finally, try a search here and on the web for "rowing" "canoes" and see what else you find. There have been some good discussions of this topic on P-Nnet before, but I find that I can almost never find topics I want here by searching, because the key words are not always in the title of the posts. I think a full-size, general-purpose tandem canoe will best suit your needs, as finding a decent used one isn't too hard to do. If your dogs are very big, you might want something even bigger, maybe in the size range of a Minnesota 3, and that will be a lot harder to find on the used-boat market. Of course I'd happily suggest a guide-boat, except that finding a used one is almost impossible, an average-sized one might be too small if your three dogs are big (remember, in ANY rowing boat, your outstretched legs take up a lot more room than what's needed for a normal sitting position), and new ones are anything but cheap. Good luck!


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There are a lot of dory/skiff plans out there that use simple plywood construction. Here's one example:

You may want something a bit bigger for your load, but a little searching should turn something up.

There are also kits, like this one:

Building seconded
As Angstrom suggested. There a free plans out there for some nice typical and atypical dorys and skiffs. A nice 15 1/2 foot (two sheets of ply long) Dory with a small skeg for tracking is a fine row boat. Great way to introduce yourself to boat building too.

Here are some links:


More plans for skiffs, canoes, etc.:

Have fun!

chester yawl looks like a pretty cool pulling boat. plenty of room and freeboard.

Way cool
Nice lines. I’d like to see it in a sailing configuration too. I believe they are coming up with one.

i wish they would come out with the rig, but they’re typically a little pricey. you’re talking $2,000 for the boat, oars and sail rig. beautiful boat though. i bet she pulls with a bone in her teeth, too.