Info on old canoe?

I have an old fiberglass canoe I am trying to get some info on. It was a gift from a retired preacher to my mom and dad a number of years back. I was told it was made/purchased in Florida back in 60’s-70’s. I want to get it titled/registered to get boat stickers for it. We use it often to fish in the river with and would like to mount a trolling motor on it.

It is a 15’4" fiberglass canoe x 35" wide. Ser# E-0172 The stern has a decal of a jumping sailfish on it.

Any info would be appreciated - thanx

You shouldn’t need to register a canoe
in South Carolina, even if you use an electric trolling motor. As far as I know, no SE states require registration of canoes.

Motors and registration
I always thought it was pretty standard that canoes needed to be registered if powered by any kind of motor (and I think sails too in many cases).

Quoted directly from the South Carolina boating regulations: “Watercraft propelled by any mechanized means must be registered in addition to being titled in the owner’s name.”


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Never heard of that. Not in Maine, but in SC yes, fork over $10.

However sails not in OP equation. But getting a title..seems like a headache

I was probably wrong about sails
I think I got confused while remembering something about sailboats over a certain length needing to be registered. It’s not worth looking up the specifics, since it has nothing to do with this topic. But I think the rule that the use of any kind of motor makes the canoe be viewed under the law as a motorboat is pretty universal.

For what it’s worth, Tennessee,
(also a SE state), requires registration of “all sailboats”. The only vessels exempted from registration are those “powered only by oars or paddles”.