Info on Old Town Penobscot 15 solo?

There is a “beater” Penobscot 15 for sale regionally; anyone have experience with this canoe? I am looking for a first solo to learn with, and am wondering if this would fit the bill. Seller’s add states it’s Kevlar, but all the info I can find says this canoe was only produced in royalex.

Looks like it could have used a set of skid plates earlier in its life.

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A number of previous inquires about this hull have been addressed, and according to CEWilson, it was produced in three different layups:

looks like RX?
If it is the red hull I see on CL down south, my bet is that it is RX. The deformations and dents/creases, particularly evident in the second photograph, would be a dead giveaway. I’ve not seen gelcoat covers composite hulls look like that. Hard to say from the poor photos but the interior also doesn’t look like the OT composite boats I’ve seen. If that is the foam/ABS heavily exposed on the stems, I’d steer clear.

Stear Clear…
Yeah, As I said, a beater; certainly has been used hard. I was thinking rx too based on the appearance of the scrapes. I just haven’t seen one that gouged before.

I would definitely need skid plates, at the least. I am assuming it is exposed foam, and I know that can be a big issue with UV degradation. I am not sure how to tell if said degradation has occurred though. Should one just assume it has, if foam is exposed? It seems to me the seller’s price is, shall I say, wildly optimistic.

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Yeah, I did find these threads after doing a couple of searches. Guess I posted too fast; thanks for your patience and pointers.