info on palm sidewinder bibs?

STP has the Palm Sidewinder dry bib pants with booties and relief zipper for 159.

With the extra material of the kokotat dry bibs I understand the rolling and folding of the two pieces to provide a dry seal.

Does anyone have the Palm and how would it mate to a conventional dry top with the under layer of material on a dry top or do you just bunch it up and mate the neoprene top and bottoms?


palm two pc
With the two piece palm you may be able to stay reasonably dry IF…you have enough internal fabric to bind under the flip up section on the bib. I forgot once and I wont be doing that again. I find it comfortable.


flip up section
that was what i was having a hard time seeing on the photos. unfortunately, palm has no how to section on their site showing how to mate the two.

so there is a section under the neoprene waist closure to allow some folding?


Tried them
The bibs do not mate with tops. There is not enough of a tunnel to create a seal. I took them back to STP.

don’t mate?
what use are they then? It certainly looks as if the material above the pant is neoprene that would mate with any dry top.

what am I missing here?


There is only about 3 inches
of material that goes over a drytop tunnel. Not enough to roll together and get an effective seal. Works ok for rolling but if you go for a swim, you will be soaked.

It will be here. will try it out with a dry top and also with fleece under a tuiliq.

Hey Chuck: what is that material over the neoprene waist? more neoprene?


The chest was neoprene

If the bib pants do not mate well to a dry top, doesn’t this make it a serious safety issue as water can run down the waist and fill up the pants? Or does that waist closure work to at least keep water from entering at the waist?

What were they thinking?

All blurbs indicate a double fold seal system with this bib.

Ok I admit it I was seduced by the relief zipper and the booties…

going right back
Absolutely no way to mate a top effectively. I tried.