Info on Quarajag?

I was just on the GRO site and saw a new kayak price-listed, and labeled as “new”, but no other information. I went to Knoydart and tried to find other Valley Canoe Products sites, but none of them had any information on this kayak. Nothing in the archives, either. The name sounds interesting. Has anyone seen/heard of it?

lengthen version of the Anas Acuta?
Could this be the long version of the Anas Acuta? see:

Thank You!

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Yes, I guess that's it. I read the whole thread - very interesting - I learned a lot. I just edited this post because I had said that I demoed an AA, and when I thought about it, I remembered I hadn't. I demoed all the VCP kayaks, EXCEPT the AA, because the instructors always had it out.
They said that I wouldn't like it, and Ron (Black Parrot Paddling) directed me to Betsie Bay and I ended up buying a Valkyrie - which I love! Just in the interests of absolute accuracy, here. Again, thank you for the clarification on VCP's new boat!

VCP Quarajaq
Basically, a stretched Anas Acuta with less rocker. Dimensions 18 feet long 20 1/2 inches wide. Will have oval hatches. Planned to be available in April 2004. A picture should be in Great River Outfitters’ 2004 Catalog. I just took delivery on an NDK Greenlander Pro this weekend, so I’ll be anxious to hear how people like the Quarajaq.

on your new Greenlander! I’m hoping that you have liquid water to have an immediate maiden voyage! I got one of my kayaks in Feb.and had to wait a solid month to take it out!

Greenlander Pro
Thanks Pat! I can’t wait to get this kayak out on the water. It looks sleek and beautiful. It has a yellow deck and white hull. I’ve been sitting in it alot this weekend, dreaming of the ocean.

What’s not to like?
What was his rationale for steering you away from the AA? I own one and also a BBK Aral. While they’re quite different in many ways, they’re both fun boats.

I like them ALL…
I wanted a fast day boat and since I’m so short, Ron thought the Valkyrie would be more low volume. I also wanted something different from my Montauk and my Nighthawk 16, and I wanted a light boat. My Valkyrie is about 34 pounds and I can’t wear shoes when I’m in it - and I wear a size 6! In the summer, I just paddle barefoot or with neoprene booties and in the colder weather, I wear my Chotas. (Just barely have enough room)

I love all my boats (even the plastic Mystic and the Swifty!) and when I go to GLSKS this year, I will definitely demo the AA. Who knows? But I’m thinking about a good plastic and I really liked the Aquanaut. Their RM model is awfully heavy, though. Hmmmm…time for a kayak cart?

It sounds beautiful…
and I had to laugh. I sit in my boat in the house, too!! Are you going to name it?

Greenlander Pro

I hadn’t thought about a name…how about Mellow Yellow or Bananarama…LOL. Enjoy that Valkyrie, sounds like a nice kayak!