info. on thousand islands trip

going up to the st. lawerence. anyone know of any good day trips i should do. 2 people with 17’ sea kayaks-intermediate level.

thanks, wayne


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If you are looking for a guided tour, TI Adventures out of Clayton, NY has a couple of pretty good routes. If you are going over to the Canadian side, check out for a comprehensive breakdown of routes from Kingston to Brockville. It is an excellent guide that I have frequently used for both day paddles and overnight trips. Have fun, it's a beautiful paddle but pay attention to the currents, there are some areas where there are actually whirlpools that will give you some issues!

1000 isles
thanks rads,

not guided-clayton seems to be about ther right place. day trip from there-decent place to stay. will need info abnout put ins etc.

You can put in right in town, if I remember correctly there is a public boat launch in the middle of town. But call TI Adventures. They are really nice folks and very helpful. I’m sure they can steer you towards a put-in and even recommend a route for you. Enjoy!

Thousand Island
If you are padding to different destination in the area, suggest going up the Ridiu Canal. (I know I spelled it wrong!) Can go thru locks and overnight in mant little towns along the way.

Ron W

It’s Rideau River
It’s the Rideau River. Paddle starts on Cataraqui river in Kingston.

I live in ogdensburg and do not paddle st lawrence when very windy. I like oswegatchie. You might want to wear neoprene pants and carry pic id in case you get stopped. Also I carry $10 in a dry bag. Also do a 360 soon after you leave your launch and go a mile and do another 360 to really fix on where you came from. Very strong currents and whirlpools near islands and bridges. Singer castle is a must. ti adventures are excellent. Say hello to jan.