Info on WW Waterline 15'6" canoe

Anybody have any info on an old solo white water canoe called “Waterline” and was 15’6" in length?

he’s the only one on the forum old enough to remember that boat…:-):slight_smile:

We grow old too soon, but too late smart
But no, right off hand I don’t remember that one. Could ask over on The length suggests it may be a tandem/solo boat.

I checked the archive and
did not find a solo or tandem ww boat called a “waterline.” That does not exclude the possibility that it was made by “waterline”. The name sounds faintly familiar to me… How is the boat made? Is it composite?

You mean this one on Craigslist?

Might be designed as a solo downriver racing boat. Does not look like a boat capable of lots of technical moves (small eddies, surfing, etc.) but would make an acceptable boat for combination lake and river travel. I still don’t know anything about the builder.


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That's it. Received the following from the present owner, Waterline was a short lived company in the mid 80's. Boat has many patches
but is structurally sound. It doesn't leak and I would not hesitate to use it. Was originally designed for racing and had foam core and ribs for light weight and stiffness. Foam core pretty much shot and just a solid bottom now.

I posted a query with the link on, so if you are thinking of buying the boat, don’t wait too long.

The use of Nylon along with glass and Kevlar is relatively unusual. Gary Barton of Bluewater/Upstream Edge uses Nylon. I have a Bluewater canoe that has such a layup. Nylon is not as tough as Kevlar, but has somewhat better compression strength. The lines of the boat, as near as I can see them, look similar to certain canoes in the Bluewater line. The relatively heavy wooden gunwales are seen on Bluewater canoes also. So there is a small possibility that Barton made the canoe in a “former life.”

Piqued my interest
But not the best of economic times. If it finds its’ way back onto the water then I would consider it recycling at its’ best.

Kaz of Millbrook Boats says he thinks
Fritz Orr, a whitewater and slalom canoeist from South Carolina, was responsible for “Waterline” canoes. I recall seeing Fritz Orr and his boats when I was a boat inspector for the Southeastern Races on the Nantahala, but I don’t remember seeing “Waterline” on the side. Might be my senility at work.