Info regarding Paddling Labrador

Hi everyone. I am currently working as a Sea Kayak Guide on the east coast of Newfoundland, in an area called “Witless Bay Ecological Reserve.” I was looking for information from paddlers who have paddled the Labrador region. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to respond to my email. Or on here :slight_smile: Thanks in advance for any effort.

James Kelly.

Favorite destination!
Have paddled a couple of rivers on the mainland and a bit of the coast in the Hopedale are. Hope to go back in ‘06.

Where you goin’ and what info are you looking for?


Check out this link!
I stumbled across this link while searching for information on an Explorer; I have already gotten an immediate reply from one of the folks on this list that I emailed an inquiry to. Looks like they should be able to give you some good first-hand information, as well. There are several good books about the Hubbard Labrador canoe expedition, if you’re interested. Good luck! Regan

Thanks for the help
Hi guys, thank you for your assistance. I have a tossup between spending sometime kayaking in either Labrador or in Baffin Island. Got to say that Baffin Island may be a better point to start as the areas in Labrador I would be looking at paddling are prone to harsh weather and exposed coasts. The area in specific I am referring to in Labrador would be from Saglek north up past the Torngat Mountains. Thank you once again.

Jim Kelly