Informal Poll - Best iPhone Case

Plenty of buzz about a "budget’ iPhone release

to occur late summer, early autumn of 2013.

Surely some take their current iPhone out with them.

What is your favorite waterproof case for an iPhone ?

Are you listening to tunes during workouts,

or just taking it along to catch up during rest stops ?

Tons of ““comparative”” review like this exist

–but few are from actual real kayakers

I’ve been using mine in the front pocket of my pfd for several months several times a week. Surfski paddling tends to be a fairly wet deal and no issues. Bonus being your spouse can use the find my friends app to check up on your location.

Reviews for all majors include failures.
Including the Lifeproof and Otter Box.

I’ve used 4 different waterproof iPhone cases. One big pelican type case failed and ruined a phone. Others were effective, but had to be removed for charging. Lifeproof is awesome. Slim, fully functional, so I leave it on all the time. It keeps dust out of my phone too, since I often have dirty pockets.

I don’t keep my phone in my PFD, rather it’s in a drybag in my day hatch. I don’t have a need for it all the time on the water, so I’d rather not take the few-hundred dollar risk of damaging it. But I know many folks who dunk their lifeproof case regularly, and report no problems.


I will have my lifeproof covered iphone in my PFD when doing easy solo paddles and will even roll now and then to cool off. When doing more demanding (surf, etc.) I do stash in my day hatch to be extra safe (nothing is perfect). And yes my wife will follow along at times using the Find My Friends app. Sometimes I’ll snap some quick photos and text them back to my wife. Good to inspect and re-test (I put a tissue inside then dunk for a while) periodically.

What NOT to Get
Received a Hitcase as a gift from a good friend. Their advertising touts it as being everything from a deep sea diving case to a GoPro competitor. It certainly looks hefty enough-it talks the talk. Mine leaked-significantly. Four, count ‘em, four emails to their ‘customer service’ hotline brought not a single response. Appallingly poor customer support. Worse even than Kokatat’s ‘support’ of their subpar kayak gloves.

I’ll give the Lifeproof case a shot. My Hitcase will soon be ‘sleeping wit’ da fishes.’

I also use the lifeproof case. I usually have it attached to the deck of my boat. I got a “life jacket” for it and several times it has been in the water, floating behind me, of course still attached to the boat. I run a tracking application to track route and speed. My husband will also “ping” me using the find my phone application. I have been using this case for 2 years now.

SealLine Case

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I have used a SealLine case with a headphone jack for almost a year without problems. I thought the lifeproof case was too expensive and too bulky for everyday use. My phone with a case on it easily slips inside the SealLine case. I think the newer models are called e-cases but are still made in the U.S. by Cascade Designs. I have a friend who kite boards and routinely takes his phone out with him in a lifeproof case without incident so they work well also.

Lifeproof has more 1 star reviews than
5 star reviews on Amazon

Though it appears that personal experience from p.netters is very favorable.

reviews and water use vs everyday
While I could use my lifeproof case as an all the time case I don’t. It’s not really as ideal as most normal cases for the screen or listening. So I change cases when I head out to kayak and again after. I also am afraid that with everyday use I would eventually do something stupid to compromise the seals. Most negative reviews on Amazon are more oriented to it not being ideal for everyday use.

For general day to day I use a lifeproof case and it doesn’t come off. After 8 months, I took of the case and tested it with a tissue inside. The tissue got wet. So, it was replaced by the company I purchased it from online.

For on the water, I double case - I use a lifeproof and put that inside either a Drycase or a Pelican box. Long trip - pelican with my car key and wallet.

Don’t trust the lifeproof on the water alone without occasionally testing it. It might not survive a submersion and you have no way of knowing when it fails without testing.

If you are likely to use the Iphone with a headphone jack, be sure to buy extra screws when you do as they are easy to lose. In the car, I use corded headphones from Apple to talk and so when I get in the car I take the screw off and plug in. I have lost the screw a few times… didn’t find it once and had to purchase a new one online as you can’t find them in stores.

Out of the dozens that exist…

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Seems like most people simply don't use their
iPhones out on the water in a case with/for an APP.

I wonder if that is because the cases are an issue
or their aren't many APPS for kayakers out there ?

Apple isn't exactly known for their mapping...yet.
Latest ios 6 operating system is better than before.

Perhaps the cheaper mid-prized iPhone will ease
the worry of taking an expensive smartphone out on the water.

need vs risk
There are few reasons one needs a phone on the water. So even though some cases do work quite well why risk it when there’s not much need. But I’ve found it handy to track a storm on radar to know if I need to head to shore quick as well as to give my wife status updates. On some crossings I’ve used an app that tracks ship positions and movements. Most uses can wait until you land and pull it out of a hatch.

I use a nalgene bottle. big mouth fits a quantity of stuff. turn it upside down after filling it with water and shake the bejesus out of it and you’ll know if the particular one you have leaks. tough to break also. depending what stuff you want to keep dry there are varying sizes. price wise not so bad.

Smartphone replace GPS …

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If the price comes down - will smartphone replace GPS ?
People easily pay $300 for the GPS units now.

An iPhone at $350 makes it a mid-tier smartphone.

At that point tethering it, lashing it,
having it on a lanyard, or a Gear Keeper unit
seem to make sense.

I don’t have an iPhone
but if I did, I certainly wouldn’t take it paddling. I go paddling to get away from things like that.

+1 Lifeproof
Been using a Lifeproof for a year. I use it on the water often and it regularly gets wet. It leaked a few drops once. Placing the phone in a bag of rice overnight saved the phone. I couldn’t get the case to leak again.