Information on the VCP Aquila

Did Valley quit making this boat,and if so,can someone give me the specs on it?

In Metric…

Thanks for the link
my trusty construction master says that 556cm x 56.5cm = 18’3"x22"

There are also several reviews…
In the Product review section here.

I read them
And this may very well be the boat for me,as i was looking for a Norkapp,or Explorer.I am looking for an open ocean boat for Southern California,and Baja Mexico.18’x22" seems just right.

I spent some time in one.
It seemed to borrow heavily from the Nordkapp, and may be a good boat for the larger paddler. One thing that I just couldn’t get past is the peaked rear deck. It didn’t really get in the way of a layback. It just made no sense to me at all.

Is there a reason you might prefer the Aquila over an Explorer?

huge boat!
My buddy used to paddle the Aquila and we loved camping with him due to the extreme volume that it had. It’s actually like a huge pintail in that there is quite a bit of rocker and it tends to need a skeg to track in flatter conditions. Definitely a fun boat though.

Just exploring options
I do like the Explorer,and I think it is a great all-around boat.An Aquila came up for sale,so I am considering my options.Since money IS an object,I am searching for the mythical “one boat” to fill all my kayaking needs

based on personal aesthtic only…ugliest. boat. ever.

that thing’d have to go a looooong way towards being perfect to make up for all that ugly.

obscure boat
replaced with the Aquanaut series. given my size, i too was really looking for one a few years back, but got my current boat instead. if you like the idea of a larger volume Explorer the Assateague is a great bet. i’d love to paddle an Aquila or even see one, god knows they are very rare. some hate the large size of them, others have said they are fun and playful, who knows. let us know if you even get to paddle one.

18’ x 22" check out a K.S. Millenium
I’ve paddled both the Aquila and the Millenium, very close dimension wise, but I’d take the Kajaksport Millenium over the Aquila anyday. I really felt like it was a much nicer paddle any way I loked at it.