Injured Dagger Baja

I have a 9 year old Dagger Baja with an integral rudder. The rudder connects with an engagement handle via cable. The cable rusted and broke recently. I’m trying to locate the part and find repair options. I’ve tried a couple of outfitters, but so far, no luck. Can anyone help? Thanks.

If you were in Atlanta, I would see if
the cable I removed from my Necky was the right diameter. You are not at all likely to get the exact replacement part from Dagger after 9 years, so you will need to get the remains of the old cable removed from the attachments, and install a new piece of cable.

You should try to scrounge the right diameter cable from a sea or touring kayak. However, when it comes to assistance or expertise with attachment, don’t overlook bicycle shops. They deal with cables all the time.

Finally, consider doing what I did. Do you really need that rudder? Your easiest course may be to get a screwdriver and remove the rudder and associated equipment.

West Marine?
If you are near one you should be able to round up the parts you need. Take an old cable with you.