Injury question or comment.

Years ago while fighting the Tarpon uptide and upwind , I pulled a muscle in my lower abdomen on the right side.At least I hope it’s a muscle.

Did it again yesterday fighting the wind on Jocassee.

The moral is , don’t get in a fight when you are out of condition.

The good news is it only hurts a little and doesn’t hurt while paddling.I don’t think it is where ice can get to it.

it hurts when I do this.”

“Well don’t do that. That’ll be two hundred dollars.”

My last physical the doc says
"great heart and lungs. Your joints suck." I said “and I paid you money for that?”

You better hope it is not a hernia !
If you can feel a little bump there, it just might be.

jack L

just what I was thinking
and if your joints suck, I knew a few guys who may still be offering a better grade ;-).

If you’re lucky, it might turn out to be
just local inflammation and fatigue. But it might be useful to get a Flexoril or Valium prescription to use, just in the first few days.

It is much better today.
For which I am thankful.

now toughen up that abdomen
I’ve gotten that pain that in my case scared me into getting my abdomen fit. The fear of a hernia is what did it.

I’m working on my abs. Obviously
need to do some more,or stop paddling in high winds.

If you’re gonna wear that Speedo
Definitely work on the abs!!

I need that gut to look like the rest of
you guys.

there IS an easy way
(spray-on abs!):