Inland River Kayak

I have 14’ Whistler now and considering a smaller one for our inland rivers here in Michigan. The Whistler is a lot a boat to manover around tight turns and a 10’ is almost too small. Any sugestions? I would like to stick with a poly type material to keep the cost down and absorb the rocks. Thanks

Prijon Combi 359

Combi 359
Couldn’t agree more! Great boat, just under 12’.

Legendary Prijon HTTP plastic. Handles well, hard chines hold an edge nicely, rollable with good technique, and with some serious aftermarket outfitting! Pretty big cockpit, I’m 6’3" 205# and I needed to add some serious foam around my hips and thighs. Drier than dry storage in the aft compartment! Only negatives- day hatch rubber gasket SUCKS!! And no customer service to resolve said gasket issue. Mine came off and will not go back on the little groove and stay on. But overall a winner for your desired purpose.


try dagger zydeco?
I too live in MI and am researching a smaller poly boat as I now have a 13.5’ tampico xl and would like to try a boat that I dont have to worry about hitting some class II or III WW. I’ve done alot of research on the reviews on this site and I’m prone to think about a dagger zydeco. I did the pine river last year and my tampico handled it well but there are some rapids by delhi mills that I’ve done alot of scrapping rocks on and am concerned about trashing my thermoformed boat.

Good luck!

Dagger Crossover/Perception Enduro 12.5 Should do the job. I haven’t tried those but they sound about right. Same class as the Combi but a bit longer. Combi would be my first choice but i haven’t tried any of them and the Dagger/Perception is cheaper. recently discontinued by Perception but there may be dealer stock left?

I think the dagger blackwater 12.50 is very similar to the crossover but a cheapened version.

Old style Pungo…
I love my old style Pungo (I think they call it a Classic now) for river/lake running, very comfy,stable,manuverable,etc…


River kayak
Thanks to everyone for your ideas, I’ll check out all your suggestions